„W zgodzie z naturą - LIFE+ dla Lasów Janowskich”

Planned Activities

Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Lublin implements the project entitled “In harmony with nature – LIFE+ for Janowskie Forests”. The project will be implemented from 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2019 in Lubelskie and Podkarpackie voivodeships and it can be performed thanks to funds from LIFE+ European Commission’s Financial Instrument.

The main objective of the project is to protect swamps and peat bogs with their unique flora and fauna within the area of habitats protection of Natura 2000, Uroczyska of Janowskie Forests PLH060031 and within bird protection area of Janowskie Forests PLB060005. Actions taken in the project are also designed to preserve the habitats of endangered species of animals and plants, such as: pasque flower, fire-bellied toad or great crested newt.

Moreover, during the project, information about other valuable species occurring in the area will be gathered.

One of many goals of the project is to raise awareness of biodiversity protection of Natura 2000 areas. A strong emphasis will be placed on gaining local community support for the idea of nature protection and also on the increase of positive attitudes towards the Natura 2000 program.

The project will carry out the following tasks:

  • Creation of a database of nature reserves areas: Janowskie Forests, Szklarnia, Imielty Ług, Kacze Błota,

  • Purchase of environmentally valuable lands where there are conflicts with European beaver,

  • Removal of trees, shrubs and their saplings from the following habitats: 7110 Raised bogs with peat forming vegetation, 7140 Transitional Mires and bogs (mostly with plants from Scheuchzerio-Caricetea) and 7150 Depressions on peat substrates with vegetation from Rhynchosporion,

  • Active protection of pasque flower positions (Pulsatilla patens),

  • Construction of the valves on ditches which drain water from humid and swampy habitats,

  • Renovation of dikes and monk reconstruction on the Imielty Ług pond,

  • Implementation of protective measures in nature reserves in the following habitats: 91P0 Upland mixed fir forest (Abietetum polonicum), 9170 Oak-hornbeam forest (Tilio-Carpinetum),

  • Restoring great crested newt breeding places (Triturus cristatus),

  • Monitoring of capercaillie,

  • Evaluation of social acceptance for Natura 2000 areas at the beginning and at the end of the project,

  • Direct communication through organization of meetings with residents and tourism animators, educational activities in schools, participating in local events and study visits,

  • Publications in national, regional and local press,

  • Distribution of promotional materials and organization of contests.

The project is co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and by European Commission in the frame of LIFE + Financial Instrument.