„W zgodzie z naturą - LIFE+ dla Lasów Janowskich”

Expected Results

  1. Improvement of peatland habitats’ conditions on 94 ha (104 patches), including the maintenance of species closely related to peat bogs such as Drosera rotundifolia, Drosera intermedia and Colias palaeno;
  2. Improvement of habitat *91D0-2 Marshy Coniferous Forest and other wetlands by reducing the water outflow and peat decay on the area of approximately 150 ha by building 33 sluice gates on drainage ditches;
  3. Improvement of the habitat quality of Tetrao urogallus in the Janowskie Forests by protecting wetlands;
  4. Creating areas for beavers Castor fiber, where they could live unbothered. Purchase of 30 ha of land – what will reduce conflicts caused by beavers;
  5. Restoring and maintenance of two water reservoirs to protect habitats for species related to aquatic ecosystems;
  6. Growth of environmental awareness and acceptance for the ideas of environmental protection in about 800 people who are to participate in meetings and training activities.