„W zgodzie z naturą - LIFE+ dla Lasów Janowskich”

Financial Instrument of European Commission LIFE+

life-150x150       LIFE+ is a program supporting projects concerning the protection of nature and the environment in all Members of the European Union. LIFE+ is the only European Union financial instrument focused exclusively on the co-financing of projects connected with environmental protection. Main purpose of LIFE+ is to support the implementation of Community environmental law, environmental policy and to identification and promotion of new solutions for environmental protection problems.

      LIFE+ is directed to all legal entities, both public and private, of a commercial and non-commercial, registered in the European Union. The program is divided into 3 components, defining the main directions of the funded activities.

        LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity, which supports the protection of endangered species or priority habitats of Natura 2000 and projects that contribute to halting the decline of biodiversity.

       LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance, to encourage actions towards the development and implementation of new approaches, technologies, management practices and the environmental management, including an increase public participation in the environmental management and protection.

      LIFE+ Information and Communication, financing social campaigns aimed at increasing awareness of issues related to environmental protection as also at information campaign and forest fire prevention trainings.

     During more than 20 years of running the program, funding from the European Commission was received close to 4 180 projects from all European countries, including 69 from Poland.

     The current LIFE program – program of actions for the environment and climate, which includes financial perspective 2014 – 2020 is a continuation of LIFE+ financial instrument in 2007 – 2013.

More about LIFE+ at website: www.ec.europa.eu/environment/life/index.htm

National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

      National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management is a state institution, which purpose is to provide financial support to projects for the protection of the environment and water management. As the institution of the public finance sector the Fund participate in the financing of projects from national and foreign funds: Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment, Financial Instrument LIFE+, the Norwegian Funds – Norwegian Financial Mechanism and Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and in the framework of bilateral cooperation. The Fund also supports the tasks from the fields of geology and mining, environmental monitoring and risk prevention, protection of nature and forestry, promotes environmental knowledge, children’s health care prevention and scientific research and expertise.

       The National Found from the beginning of its activity cooperates with foreign institutions. Created in Poland in 1989 Ecological Fund, then having no counterpart in other European countries, has aroused a lot of great interest abroad as a potential partner in the implementation of environmental protection programs. Currently, the Fund is the largest partner of the international financial institutions to use foreign funds allocated for environmental protection in Poland.

Since September 2008 the Fund acts as a National Contact Point for LIFE+.

More about the Fund at website: www.nfosigw.gov.pl